Schools not airing Obama speech

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Schools not airing Obama speech Empty Schools not airing Obama speech

Post  Bumblebee on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:48 am

So the district had principals send robo-phone messages to say the speech will not be shown live. They will tape and review it for relevance to curriculum, and if shown will give parents a chance to pull their kids.

Works for me. I plan for my kids to see it, but prefer on our own time at home rather than have their schedules disrupted by viewing and then a whole day of adversarial discussions among students.

It's a speech, not a Mars landing or approaching tsunami. Probably the gist of it will be "stay in school, work hard toward your goals and dreams, and pitch in around your community and for your country." Sounds like CAP, DARE, or a church sermon.

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